Welcome to the House of Inspiration

Corporate gifting is all about showing appreciation. For your customers, for your business relations, or your staff. With a carefully chosen gift, you can show that you appreciate a person’s efforts and that you value the relationship.

The House of Inspiration is here to inspire you and to help you with the selection of the perfect gift. Because, when you add your brand to a gift, it must be just right.

On this website, you will find world-renowned retail brands to seduce even the most demanding recipients. The Green Concept and Elevate NXT will offer just the right choice for the sustainably conscious consumer. For those with a theme in mind that reflects the current unique situation, there are themes relating to “Work from Home” and “Staying Home for the Festive Season”.

So in short …relax, enjoy & be inspired.

Your perfect corporate gift

Be inspired is the key message of the House of Inspiration. Be inspired to give, be inspired to share or be inspired to go green. In a time of turmoil it is extra important to reach out to your staff and your business relations to let them know you appreciate their support and efforts. If you want to have more information about the products, themes and brands on these webpages, you can reach out to your own promotional product distributor. They can help you to translate the inspiration found on this site into your perfect corporate gift.

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Brands to seduce

What better way to show your appreciation than with the gift of a well-known retail brand? Nothing says thank you better than a quality gift in combination with your logo.

The House of Inspiration offers a world-renowned brand for each important gift category which can be paired with your company logo. Choose Americano® when you are looking for durable drinkware. Parker and Waterman are the most well-known fine writing brands in the world, and are probably the most appreciated corporate gifts you can select. When you are looking for a sustainable option, Parkland bags are an obvious choice. Let these brands inspire you!

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Green Concept

When you are looking for a promotional product to carry your logo, you want it to be compliant with European law and if possible a more sustainable option than just a traditional plastic give-away. But then the question arises, what is a more sustainable option?

With thousands of promotional products available and a lot of discussions about what is sustainable and what is not, we have opted to look at our Green Concept from the Reduce-Reuse-Recycle perspective. We will inspire you to go green with our recycled drinkware and notebooks and our certified sustainable apparel and bags which also offer certified sustainable decoration.

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News for you

When you think about corporate gifting, special themes come to mind. And especially since last year, with many people working in more different circumstances than before, selecting a corporate gift for your staff or business relations will have some additional meaning.

Showing your appreciation for their efforts in this changed society is extra important. To inspire you and give ideas that might hit just the right note, we have developed a wide range of themes with gifts that surely will be appreciated by those on the receiving end. So whether the theme is “work from home”, “stay fit and healthy” or a “responsible shopping”, these suggestions will give you plenty of inspiration. Make sure to check this page regularly as new themes and products will be added.

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