Be inspired to recycle

New recycled bottle pens & cotton waste notebooks from Italy

New products are being launched throughout the year in the Green Concept. And with products like these, it is important to know what makes them sustainable? How and where are they produced? The new Alessio pens and Bianco & Nero notebooks are nice examples of sustainable products that will be available from October onwards. Here we list some of their sustainable aspects.

Alessio pens

The pens are produced in Italy and made from certified recycled PET coming from post-consumer water and soda bottles. One bottle of 500ml is used to make one pen. The pen is not only made with recycled materials but is also recyclable. Just remove the refill and spring and the pen can be recycled. The writing length is a whopping 2000 meters, extending its lifespan considerably. On top of that, it is possible to refill. The pens are available in blue and black ink and are suitable to sign official documents.


Bianco cahier & Nero A5 wire-o notebook

These notebooks also are Italian. The cover is made of FSC certified material containing cotton or wool waste (15%) and post-consumer recycled waste (40%). The books have both 80 sheets of 80gsm 100% FSC recycled paper. The dotted layout combines the advantages of lined, plain and squared pages, providing structure and stimulating creativity at the same time, making this notebook suitable for a wide range of users. Thanks to the spiral, the Nero notebook can lie flat for writing convenience and can be folded easily.


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